UQM Technologies unveils new integrated fuel cell compressor system

UQM Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of alternative energy technologies, has recently announced the launch of PowerPhase® FCS – the new Integrated Fuel Cell Compressor System.

As per credible sources, this product is designed to serve the fuel cell market’s growing demand for a high performance and cost-effective compressor solution. Few competitor products were also integrated with high-efficiency motor and controller – making UQM’s model more cost-effective and with a space-optimized design that can be modified into different compressor options.

Joseph Mitchell, CEO of UQM was quoted saying that the company has seen great progress with its fuel cell compressors over the past few years, and customers have requested optimized systems for performance and cost. Relying on this feedback and overall market demand, he further added that the company has initiated important strategic investment aimed to design and launch what the company identifies as a premier fuel cell compressor system in the market.

According to the CEO, the product will be introduced in China, which is the largest fuel cell technology market in the world. Since initial reviews from potential customers have been positive, the company anticipates releasing the new system in early 2019.

According to sources familiar with the development, the fully integrated fuel cell inverter, motor and compressor has been developed for an extensive range of fuel cell applications. The system also provides numerous benefits to fuel cell suppliers including better packaging, optimized performance, and the exclusion of several components like the cables and connectors between the motor and inverter.

UQM’s objective with PowerPhase FCS’s product portfolio is to cover the maximum market need for fuel cell electric vehicles, support fuel cell stacks with a voltage range from 30kW to 150kW and 270 to 800 VDC, obtain a pressure ratio within the range 1 to 2.2 and airflow between 100 to 500 kg/h.

It has been reported that UQM will be demonstrating its new integrated fuel cell compressor technology in Foshan, China at the International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology.