Mitashi unveils new inverter AC range with eco-friendly refrigerant

The new split and window ACs are made with 100% copper pipes that are resistant to corrosion and easy to maintain

Reports confirm that Mitashi, a leading premium electronics brand, has recently unveiled a new range of home solutions with multiple choices of 1, 1.5- and 2-ton split and window air-conditioning products designed to suit every budget and every home in the Indian market.

From past two decades, Mitashi is known for offering high quality, premium value and budgeted home electronics products.

Apparently, the new split and window ACs are made with 100% copper pipes, are resistant to corrosion and easy to maintain. Mitashi’s ACs are made with highly authentic copper tube condensers, interconnecting pipes, evaporators which secure better heat transfer, resulting in higher cooling.

Sources familiar with the matter stated that the next generation ACs from Mitashi uses eco-friendly R32 refrigerant which has a longer pipe run and is highly efficient in its operation, resulting in lower carbon emissions, faster cooling and lower energy costs.


For the uninitiated, R32 has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and very low global warming potential (GWP) of 675. Its is F-Gas phase down compliant and entails less refrigerant volume per Kw.


The Inverter ACs of Mitashi are designed to provide low operating cost and delivers unmatched performance, sources claim. The invertor compressor controls the speed automatically depending on the room temperature to provide optimal cooling. In addition, by increasing the cooling capacity automatically, it also provides faster cooling and then reduces tonnage to help in saving energy.

Reportedly, the heavy-duty compressors are manufactured and designed from higher quality materials to deliver efficient cooling as well as to keep it free from corrosion for longer time. It also comes with a 5-year warranty on the compressors.

Sources added that the new range comes with other impressive features like super silent operation, powerful airflow, turbo cooling function, low power consumption, high-efficiency ac air filter, sleep mode, 4- way swing, wide voltage operation range, and auto start.