Systemair, Panasonic partner to develop integrated HVAC solutions

The partnership will incorporate Systemair’s reversible cooling technology with Panasonic’s new series of high-efficiency, eco-friendly heat pump chillers.

Sweden’s leading ventilation company, Systemair AB has recently entered into a strategic partnership with global HVAC solution provider, Panasonic to jointly develop sustainable HVAC solutions for both commercial and residential customer premises.

According to sources, the partnership will be based on Systemair and Panasonic’s existing technology and expertise. Moreover, in its initial phase, Panasonic will introduce a new series of eco-friendly, high-efficiency heat pump chillers coupled with Systemair’s advanced reversible cooling technology that will fully be adaptable and suitable for use in creating solutions that meet all aspects of customer requirements.

Reportedly, Systemair and Panasonic are also engaged in a development collaboration on several technologies and functions as the duo aims towards developing more energy efficient, eco-friendly and ultra-modern heat pump chiller and products specifically for the European market, and further make use of their smart cloud-based services.

Sources suggest that the partnership will strive for seamless integration of Panasonic’s high-tech heat pumps as well as its control technology and connection facilities with Systemair’s ventilation products for commercial and residential properties, eventually creating a new, powerful offering that meets customer demands.

According to a press release, Roland Kasper, CEO, Systemair, said that the company is very much looking forward to this partnership and the new formed opportunities that will lead to creating new innovative products and system solutions. He said that the collaboration will offer innovative solutions that pave the way for developing eco-friendly systems for future buildings.

Speaking on the move, Toshiyuki Takagi, Panasonic Corp. Executive Officer & Panasonic Air-Conditioner President, said that the partnership paves the way for major potential synergies in product development that meets its customers’ tough environmental demands. He said that Systemair’s unique product range and expertise in HVAC ideally matches with Panasonic’s vision to offer customers with exceptional value, functions and product quality.