Researchers from University of Wollongong (UOW) will reportedly showcase presentations on pioneering projects that are being studied at the Australian Research Council’s (ARC) Research Hub at a Uni in the Brewery public event on August 22. As per trusted sources, the projects have the caliber to provide significant benefits to the Australian steel manufacturing industry.

Sources familiar with the development claim that the combined UOW-University of Queensland-BlueScope research group includes Dr. Emma Heffernan, Ms. Dan Yang, and Dr. Andrew Johnstone. Reportedly, the group has devised a mathematical model that facilitates the prediction of the coating response under varying operating conditions.

According to a press release issued by University of Wollongong, the event is being organized by the Steel Research Hub which is one of the Industrial Transformation Research hubs of ARC and brings together industry players and universities to deliver innovations in manufacturing steel products.

As per trusted sources, Dr. Heffernan would share insights on an advanced approach to a framework for mid-rise residential complexes that deliver quicker to build, cheaper, and more environment-friendly apartments.

Speaking on the objective of the project, Dr. Heffernan was reportedly quoted stating that the project aims to explore the potential of utilizing loadbearing cold-formed steel in mid-rise residential buildings. The panels manufactured from loadbearing cold-formed steel are lightweight and could be carried by two construction workers which improves the safety of workers, reduces the amount of people and activities on site, and enhances the quality control, Dr. Heffernan elaborated.

Reportedly, Dr. Johnstone would discuss the collaborative research of his team on how the jet-stripping process on the metallic coating line might offer a new solution to manufacture cost-effective high-quality coated steel products.

Ms. Yang is expected to deliberate on a new anti-microbial coating made for steel surfaces. These coatings are likely to drastically enhance the resistance of BlueScope’s COLORBOND products to “fouling” by fungal colonies.