Intermatic, LAE Electronic team up to reinforce HVAC/R product line

Intermatic Inc. has recently announced that the company is entering into a strategic partnership with compact refrigeration control solutions manufacturer LAE Electronic. Apparently, this partnership would expand the capabilities of Intermatic within the HVAC/R OEM space as well as bring new solutions for customers across North America under LAE by Intermatic brand.

As per a news release from Intermatic, LAE’s suite by Intermatic refrigeration control solutions would be made available for HVAC/R distributors and OEM partners in early 2019. Furthermore, LAE Electronic would assist Intermatic in the specification of customizable refrigeration control solutions for North American OEM partners.

Director of sales at Intermatic, Michael Bartindale, mentioned that the company is capable of bringing tech-forward solutions to its North American HVAC/R customers, by uniting with a proven leader in the area of refrigeration control, while maintaining the high production standard which has built the company’s reputation in this industry.

Bartindale added that a natural extension to the company’s current product line, LAE by Intermatic solutions would assist HVAC/R customers in taking a progressive approach towards their cooking, refrigeration and cooling needs.

The company mentioned that LAE by Intermatic controls would cater to the increasing refrigeration needs of retail food stores, food service businesses, restaurants and more, by working in tandem with Intermatic.

Bartindale further said that there is a rising demand for smart controls which promote energy efficiency, reduce maintenance needs and perform multiple functions, as the HVAC/R industry shifts away from limited-function controls. LAE by Intermatic solutions is designed to bridge this gap and deliver lasting, unique value to customers, Bartindale believes.

For the record, LAE Electronic is a specialist in customizable refrigeration controls which combines numerous components, like remote networking devices, lighting relays, anti-fogging elements, adaptive defrost controls and digital thermostats into a single compact refrigeration control.

Purportedly, this company is well-established in building interactive displays and software for HVAC/R applications, and connected solutions which leverage temperature data for optimizing performance and reducing maintenance issues.