Honeywell International has recently announced the official opening of its innovation hub at the regional headquarters of the company in Dubai. Apparently, the Honeywell Technology Experience Centre is specifically planned for promoting knowledge exchange and demonstrating the value which could be achieved through the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Norm Gilsdorf, President of Honeywell International, High Growth Regions, Middle East and Russia, was quoted at the inauguration saying that Dubai is a global hub of IoT adoption and innovation, due to which it was chosen by the company to be the location for the Honeywell Technology Experience Centre.

Gilsdorf mentioned that today the digital technologies are progressing at a very fast pace, along with delivering value and efficiencies which were not imaginable earlier. A lot of corporations in the region face various challenges in reaping the benefits of IoT due to the lack of practical knowledge on how to deploy these technologies into practice.

Gilsdorf further said that by leveraging the leading industrial cybersecurity experience and deep domain expertise of Honeywell International, the company is looking ahead to work with forward-thinking visitors who are eager to understand and advance digital transformation in the region.

The Honeywell Technology Experience Centre would purportedly serve as a platform for engaging with stakeholders from UAE and Gulf states, as well as India, Africa, Russia, Turkey and Central Asia. Visitors will can get a firsthand experience on how well Honeywell supports virtually all industries via its combination of software, hardware and data analytics.

Citing reliable sources, the interactive activities at the Centre are specifically customized to industry-specific interests which allow visitors to oversee the safety, security and productivity of a modern skyscraper. They can also take control of an industrial control room, examine their skills at flying an aircraft simulator consisting advanced connected technologies, or learn how a connected city works.