Seattle’s iconic Space Needle built in 1962, has recently made it to the headlines for its announcement of having launched the world’s first rotating glass floor. Reportedly, with the completion of its USD 100 million renovation project, the observation tower saw its existing rotating floor replaced with a glass version and a cantilevered staircase.

According to reports, the remodeling was designed to pave the way for more impressive views of the city. The glass floor called as ‘The Loupe’ now allows the visitors inside the restaurant to have a complete 360-degree view of Seattle from the above and the side.

Similar to the design of its predecessor, the new glazing glass floor completes its one full orbit every 45 minutes, also offering the diners the view of tower’s mechanism, structure, and the Seattle Center campus from 500 feet above. The construction comprised the hoisting of over 37 tons of glass into the sky and arranging it into ten separate layers.

In total, the replacement of the tower materials amounted to 176 tons of glass. The security walls and wire caging have also been replaced with the glass panels, says reports.

According to USA Today, in May, the Space Needle marked another important milestone of its USD 100 million makeover, by inaugurating the first batch of glass benches at a 520-feet level on the outdoor of the tower’s observation deck. All the 24 benches, called as “Skyrisers” are now attached to the newly installed glass windows, inviting diners & visitors to lean back and snap photos that will make them give the impression to be floating around the landscape.

Karen Olson, CMO of Space Needle was quoted saying that the floor was built to help define the skyline of Seattle, however, it now has become much more than an observation tower. She also stated that with the renovation project, the present designing team is continuing to dream big just like the original designers did.