America’s On-Demand Heating & Cooling Company, FurnaceUSA has announced the expansion of its products and service offerings throughout the Greater Seattle area. As per trusted sources, the firm will be expanding its product range to include heat pumps, tankless hot water heaters and ductless mini splits besides hot water heaters, gas furnaces, hot water heaters, and air conditioners. The expansion strategy would comprise providing quotes to customers for the new products besides the existent ones.

FurnaceUSA’s spokesperson, Steve Gadsby claims that the firm considers Seattle to be an important market and is currently looking forward to expanding the product mix in the thriving region. He added that FurnaceUSA is renowned for its wide range of HVAC products and aims to be first choice for customers in HVAC products and services.

For the record FurnaceUSA, presents a broad spectrum of high efficiency heating and cooling options to its users, further offering comfortable ambient temperatures while maintaining a budget friendly utility bill each month. Gadsby claims that although, the cooling season in the Pacific Northwest is not as long as in other parts of the country, having a good and efficient air conditioning unit is a must for a comfortable living, and having a high efficiency unit is a must for saving money.

FurnaceUSA will now also offer tankless hot water tanks on its product range. Gadsby claims that tankless hot water tanks are a great choice for homes with natural gas as these products cost one third of the price of running electric water heater besides being more energy efficient.

Gadsby further claimed that the company only provides the safest operating products to its customers and is prepared to offer product quotes and services to customers in the Greater Seattle area for air conditioning units, water heaters and more.

Gadsby states that they do not charge for annual equipment service for customers enrolled in a Heating Services Plan and there are no charges for repairs or for complete system replacement if an equipment is found faulty and non-repairable.