The Alberta-based multinational energy transportation firm Enbridge Inc. has reportedly announced to have commenced with the construction of a temporary access road at the site of explosion of the natural gas pipeline near Prince George, B.C.

As per trusted sources, the explosion knocked out a 91-centimeter pipeline leading to reduction in supply of natural gas. Enbridge Inc. released a statement on Sunday in which it noted that it will start cleaning up the site that would take a few days. However, the company did not mention the timeline on when the repair work would be completed.

Sources privy to the development state that the company has completed the preliminary field and soil sampling observations at the site of the blast which found that the plants and animals are still active in the area of explosion. The observations, however, found no traces of hydrocarbons in the soil. The company expects the site to recover swiftly, cite trusted sources.

For the record, the Transportation Safety Board is leading the investigation into the accident that occurred on Tuesday. According to a report published by CBC, the Transportation Safety Board issued a statement on Saturday which noted that it has opened the area to begin clean-up planning and site-safety work.

For the uninitiated, a blast at an underground Enbridge pipeline near Prince George in British Columbia led to a temporary shutdown of two natural gas pipelines. The accident reportedly resulted in numerous prominent institutions and industries to reduce operations, switch energy resources, and close down temporarily.

As per trusted sources, Enbridge Inc. has stated to have recognized the severity of the accident and is currently working to ensure the needs of affected communities are being met. The 76-centimetre pipeline of Calgary company near the blast site has reportedly continued to supply natural gas to its customers on a reduced basis.