Changi Airport Group (CAG) has reportedly stated that it has developed and deployed unique technology-based solutions such as smart glasses and an online work declaration system to address the challenges faced in the Changi East project.

As per trusted sources, CAG had organized a media showcase of the new solutions on Tuesday and highlighted the challenges being faced while constructing the project. The solutions reportedly include an industrial zone which sits next to an operating airport and Terminal 5. These solutions are required to improve efficiency, security, and safety at the work site as numerous major contractors along with 700 vehicles and 3,000 workers are involved.

CAG noted in a statement that a web-based management system which offers enhanced situational awareness and greater oversight for the worksite has been commissioned to manage the contractors. Sources privy to the matter claim that the system provides supervisors access to the website on their phones from any place to check the details of the in charge and the ongoing construction work.

Reportedly, the work activity would have to be administered manually without the system and contractors would physically update the large map posted on the work site. For the record, the Online Work Declaration system was first implemented in 2017 as it assists in managing risks that may arise as the outcome of having several teams employed by different contractors working beside one another.

The details uploaded by supervisors are supplied to the Changi East Command Centre (CECC) of Changi East project which is located adjacent to Runway 2. Reportedly, electronic trackers and CCTVs at this center enable operators to supervise the movements of equipment and workers.

The associate general manager of CAG, Marken Ang, was reportedly quoted stating that the system has been developed on the lines of the wat contracts managed London’s Heathrow Airport for their own projects.