West Park Healthcare Center will be reportedly expanded through a huge overhaul that would suffice major healthcare demands of the Greater Toronto area. As per trusted sources, construction has officially commenced at 82 Buttonwood Ave, to redevelop the 27-acre healthcare center, which has been assigned a budget of $1.2 billion.

The expansion will include the construction of a new six-story, 730,000 square feet hospital equipped with 314 patient beds, along with an 80% single patient rooms that provide increased comfort and reduces the rate of infection. Outdoor features will include, increased green space with outdoor therapy gardens, courtyards, walking paths, and terraces on each floor. Additional features will include an increase in outpatient care space, clinics, therapy gyms, satellite hemodialysis, geriatric day hospitals, and expanded outpatient services.

According to sources familiar with the development, once the newly constructed facility is fully operational and ready to host new patients, most of the existing establishments within the campus will be demolished, except the Long-Term Care Center.

The campus will also be enhanced with a new main entrance off Emmett Avenue to offer a more direct access to Eglinton Avenue. In addition, the on-site green space will be repositioned, expanded, and widely landscaped. In support of the activities generated by the new hospital, most of its parking is designed within a two-level underground parking facility, which will be merged with some ground-level parking.

Besides the new hospital facilities, the redevelopment will reportedly include a significant non-hospital feature at the eastern end of the campus, which currently exists as a parking slot. The development will consist of buildings ranging from 4 to 18 story, with residential uses including senior homes.

The non-hospital facilities will financially support a portion of the hospital’s construction costs along with supplemental funding from the province. The new West Park Healthcare Center will be financed, designed and maintained by construction service company EllisDon Infrastructure Healthcare and is expected to open in 2023, cite sources.