Doosan Infracore, a South Korea-based construction machinery manufacturer, has reportedly unveiled a 5G remote controllable excavator in Munich, Germany, at an international trade fair.

Authentic sources with the knowledge of the development stated that the 5G remote excavator was operated at Incheon, Seoul, in a successful manner by means of the latest, super high-speed network from a control station located in Munich. Sources also reported that the remote system worked in an efficient way and in real time, in spite of the distance of about 8,500 kilometers.

The company highlighted in a recent statement that the latest test demonstrates that construction machinery could be operated at any place around the world with the use of a remote connection, and this new development opens up a multitude of possibilities for the company to progress.

It has been reported that Doosan Infracore has worked with LG Uplus Corp., South Korean mobile carrier and the parent company of LG Electronics, in order to establish the 5G link. Further work is still underway for expanding the technology to reduce lag, as well as to make sure a secure data link is provided.

Doosan Infracore, for the record, is a worldwide leader in infrastructure solutions, given the company’s endeavor in meeting customer expectations through the delivery of a varied product lineup, including loaders, attachments, excavators and utility equipment. The company is gradually emerging as one of the top-notch engine manufacturers across the globe.

Reportedly, the sensors fitted on the 5G excavator that was fortified with a 3D-machine guidance solution, dispatches comprehensive three-dimensional information to the operator on its surroundings for better situational awareness.

The company affirmed that it has showcased around 23 excavators, articulated dump trucks, along with wheel loaders, at the recent Bauma event. It further stated that the zero-tail swing excavators unveiled at the event are seamlessly eligible for European markets, which generally has small streets.