Singapore government-owned consultancy company, Surbana Jurong has recently announced the acquisition of two major architectural firms, Singapore’ SAA Architects and Canada’s B+H Architects. Apparently, the move is expected to boost Surbana’s ability to take on ambitious projects in the region, particularly in sectors such as hospitality and healthcare.

According to The Strait Times, Wong Heang Fine, Group CEO of Surbana Jurong said that both the architectural firms possess capabilities in healthcare and hospitality, and would effectively be beneficial for their company’s growth.

The two new acquisitions are more about exploring talent than gaining revenues, although the firms might offer Surbana greater market access, said Mr. Wong. B+H would give the company as well as its major technology clients, complete access to the North America market. Incidentally, SAA boasts of a strong presence across South-east Asia with offices in Singapore, Malaysia and China.

Reportedly, the group’s urban capabilities include civil structure, architecture, mechanical and electrical systems (M&E), project management and quantity surveying. On the architecture front, Surbana also has experience in townships, particularly with its long history of public housing in Singapore.

Reports speculate that Surbana Jurong has already made progress in building up capabilities in infrastructure, one of the firm’s three core business areas alongside urban and managed services. Moreover, Surbana Jurong has also made a collaboration with Hong Kong’s Rocco Design Architects.

Sources close to the deal cite that some of Surbana’s architects will be mentored by Rocco, while Surbana Jurong support a part of Rocco’s design work.

Commenting on the firm’s future plans, Mr. Wong said that the company want to further deepen its urban capabilities to bring up its urban revenue. In addition, the new collaboration would serve to offer incredible new opportunities to young architects, as well as to the masses for learning from prominent designers.