Penguin Computing, the high-performance cloud computing solutions provider recently announced the expansion of its headquarters in Fremont, California. The state-of-the art production facility will comprise a new building which will house an innovation lab as well as a customer briefing center. As per sources, the project is expected to be complete by the end of 2018.

According to Data Center Dynamics, the expansion will help triple Penguin Computing’s production capacity by doubling its shipping and production space. The construction for the new building is already underway and will permit total of 6 megawatts of power.

The addition of the Customer Briefing Center will enable Penguin Computing to come into the facility to receive demonstrations of new technologies and collaborate with the company’s consultants and engineers on design and execution of projects. The Benchmarking and Innovation Lab will allow Penguin Computing to test and benchmark new designs before they are released to the market and thus enhance the company’s capability of delivering custom AI, data center and cloud computing solutions. Customers will be able to test their workloads at the Benchmarking and Innovation Lab through secure remote access or in person.

Tom Coull, CEO and President, Penguin Computing Business Unit, SMART Global Holdings, has been quoted by reliable sources to say that the new expansion will permit Penguin Computing to meet customer needs via innovative means and will allow the company to dramatically and effectively increase the facilities and services it provides to its customers. He added that the expansion will become a milestone for the company as it will help in the response to changing demands in HPC, AI, and storage landscape and increasing the capacity for other technologies and services.

Data Center Group Intel Corporation, VP and GM Trish Damkroger reportedly said that Penguin Computing and Intel had been collaborating for years to help customers solve complicated computing challenges. The Benchmarking and Innovation Lab at Penguin Computing will help customers achieve hands-on experience on the performance of the most up-to-date Intel processors on optimized hardware, Damkroger adds.