Leading supplier of engineered steel pipe products for water transmission industry, Northwest Pipe Company has recently announced that the company would be delivering more than 6,500 tons of 5‑ft and 8‑ft diameter water pipe for Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel project in Vancouver, British Columbia.

A press release from Northwest Pipe Company reveals that this pipe would be deployed by a partnership of Aecon and Traylor Infrastructure Canada, ULC, both of Vancouver, British Columbia. This partnership had bagged this tunnel project last fall from the regional water supplier for the metropolitan area, Metro Vancouver.

Reports confirm that the pipe would be installed in a 3,600‑foot-long, 19‑foot diameter tunnel which would be bored between the City of Burnaby and the District of North Vancouver, under Burrard Inlet. These pipe deliveries are expected to commence in 2020.

President and Chief Executive Officer of Northwest Pipe Company, Scott Montross, mentioned that the company is looking forward to working with Aecon-Traylor General Partnership on this tunnel project which is crucial for the region. Northwest Pipe Company would serve Metro Vancouver, along with continuing its long-standing contribution to the water pipe needs of the region.

For the record, Northwest Pipe Company, which was founded in 1966, is North America’s largest engineered welded steel pipe water systems manufacturer. The company manufactures high-quality engineered Arrow-Lock and T-Lock PVC liners, Permalok steel casing, bar-wrapped concrete cylinder pipe, steel water pipe, as well as custom joints, coatings, linings, and among the biggest offering of specialized components and fittings in North America.

The company purportedly offers solution-based products for a broad range of markets, which includes piping rehabilitation, trenchless technology, water and wastewater plant piping, and water transmission. Strategically placed for meeting the growing needs of water and wastewater infrastructure, Northwest Pipe Company is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, besides having manufacturing facilities across North America.