The Cornwall-based building contractor Nova Construction would reportedly go into liquidation this month. As per trusted sources, this is not the first time that the company directors have seen one of their businesses turning insolvent.

A statement from Purnells, a licensed insolvency practitioner, has confirmed that the company will be undergoing liquidation in the days ahead. Reportedly, speculations were rife about the downfall of the once leading construction firm.

A spokesperson from Purnells stated that the directors signed notices requesting a decision procedure on the 23rd of August to place the construction company into a creditors’ voluntary liquidation. The spokesperson added that the decision procedure is scheduled to be held on the 13th of September, after which Nova Construction will officially be entering liquidation.

Moreover, a management team member from H&A Recycling reportedly claimed that the firm received an email from Nova Construction to discontinue their waste collecting services as the company was no longer in operation.

According to reliable sources, the social media accounts of Nova Construction on Twitter and Facebook have been deactivated, although the company website continues to be hosted online.

For the record, the company was founded in 2001 and went on to quickly become a leading construction contractor and provider of aftercare in the Cornwall area. The website mentions that the company has a workforce of 50 individuals that worked across a diverse range of technical and construction disciplines.

One of the ex-employees of the company reportedly stated that he expected this happening as the company owed a lot of money to various other firms.

Reportedly, Nova’s directors Caroline and Mark Atkinson are also the directors of other construction firms such as Marlin Properties (Cornwall) Ltd, Landmark Homes (Cornwall) Ltd, and Newdowns Developments Ltd, all of which are currently active.

The directors reportedly could not be reached for a statement.