Lifting solutions expert Kalmar is reportedly planning to offer its entire equipment portfolio as electrically powered by the year 2021, with a new electric terminal tractor technology being the latest introduction as part of its initiative.

Apparently, the company’s new electric terminal tractor would be equipped with a lithium-ion battery having 107 kWh capacity, with DC fast charge capability. This would allow operators of the equipment to charge the tractors during shift breaks, enabling more electrical, eco-friendly and efficient operations.

Kalmar informed in its statement that Cummins would be providing the electrification solutions for its electric terminal tractor offering. The tractor will have a thermal management system for maintaining battery life, keeping an optimal temperature for the power source, allowing the machine to operate across a range of weather and climate conditions.

Besides, the driveline solution of Cummins supposedly eliminates the need for a transmission on the tractor, making its operation simpler and lowering the requirement for regular maintenance. Kalmar said that the powertrain technology, including the batteries, would also be provided by Cummins for its electric terminal tractor (KT2E), which represents the next generation of already launched Ottawa electric terminal tractor (OT2T) from Kalmar.

The company mentioned that the new offering would join its expanding fully-electric equipment portfolio, that consists of medium and light forklift trucks, along with the FastCharge solution for straddle carriers and AGVs.

Kalmar’s Vice President of Terminal Tractors, Gina Lopez announced the release of the company’s second electric terminal tractor in 2020 with Cummins as its electrification solutions provider. Lopez said the move is aligned with Kalmar’s commitment towards having a comprehensive portfolio of electric products by 2021.

Executive Director for Electrified Power, Cummins, Julie Furber said the combination of the next generation terminal tractor platform from Kalmar with Cummins’ system integration experience and its expertise in lithium-ion battery, would help deliver optimized electric powertrain solutions to port and distribution customers.