Indonesia’s Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning recently announced plans on preparing a bill regarding construction of airspace and underground spaces in the country. As per trusted sources, the new bill would effectively provide legal certitude to investors that plan on funding various construction projects in the country.

As per Budi Suryanto, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning, such a regulation is much needed in the country as it provides legal certainty for investors interested in placing funds in projects such as the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) and other transit-oriented developments on airspace and underground project allocated spaces.

The Ministry speculates more interest by investors towards funding in growth of land ownerships, said Budi. The proposed certificates issued by the Ministry would regulate the use of airspace and underground spaces as well as areas that come under sea territory, he added.

For the record, the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning of Indonesia was formed from a union of Indonesia’s former National Land Agency and Directorate General of Spatial Management (former Ministry of Public Works) in 2015.

As per sources, the Singapore Land Authority (SLA), a statutory board under the Ministry of Law of Singapore, had recently welcomed about 60-member delegations from the Indonesian Ministry, to learn about SLA’s land management system for managing and utilizing vacant land in Singapore, enabling the use of land information and the implementation of geospatial capabilities in Indonesia as well.

Commenting on their strategical plans Budi added that the Ministry was finalizing a draft that would support a law that provides better legal certainty to investors and further encourages them in undertaking more investments in the country’s infrastructure development. Moreover, the draft would be submitted to the House of Representatives soon for further deliberation, said Budi.