• The proposal comes in the wake of the recent arrest of a Chinese employee of the firm & a former Polish security personnel over spying charges.


  • The move also intends to rebuild confidence & demonstrate that the company’s equipment doesn’t contain any spyware.

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (Huawei), a renowned Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment firm, has reportedly proposed to construct a new cybersecurity center in Poland in an effort to demonstrate that the firm is trustworthy.

Reports cite, the proposal comes in the wake of the recent incident where a Chinese employee and a former Polish security personnel were arrested by Polish authorities over charges of spying.

According to a report by Reuters, the company has previously offered & constructed security labs in Britain & Germany with the intention of rebuilding confidence in the brand and showing that the company’s equipment & consumer electronics do not contain back doors or spyware for the Chinese intelligence service. The latest proposal aims to achieve the same goal.

The Head of Huawei in Poland, Tonny Bao made the announcement in a recent news conference and stated that the company is ready to set up a cybersecurity center in the nation if the Polish authorities accept this proposal to be a trusted solution.

Meanwhile, based upon concerns first raised in the U.S. that the company’s technology could easily be equipped with back doors, the Polish Government is set to exclude all Huawei manufactured equipment from the nation’s future 5G network.

The Public Affairs Director, Huawei, Austin Zhang stated that there is no valid reason for the Polish government to keep the company out of its upcoming 5G network development. Zhang further stated that if the company does end up being excluded, then it would be employing all means to safeguard its business as well as reputation in the country.

According to reports, the recently arrested Huawei employee has been pleading innocence ever since the arrest, yet the firm is still facing scrutiny globally over the incident.