Belgium headquartered construction company BESIX has reportedly completed the construction of the Bahrain Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Import Terminal, which it had also designed. Apparently, the terminal is located offshore of the Muharraq Island in Bahrain.

Citing reliable sources, with the increasing demand for natural gas in order to fuel giant industrial projects, to produce power and water, and for enhanced oil recovery, the Bahrain LNG Import Terminal will be a significant part of the energy infrastructure of Bahrain. The terminal will ensure the availability of a reliable supply of liquified natural gas to satisfy the country’s demand, sources inferred.

According to the project details, the LNG jetty is built on drilled, grouted pin piles with a maximum 55m length, situated approximately 5km offshore at -18m below the seafloor. Besides these, the project also comprised of a rubble mound offshore breakwater with concrete armor units, that is 600m long.

Resident manager for Bahrain, BESIX, Yasser Laroussi said in a statement that there were a number of challenging aspects involved in the project, which included the specialized equipment, offshore teams needed to finish the ultra-optimized design and finishing the offshore works in the open sea. He added that the team had faced unfortunate delays owing to bad weather conditions which, along with the tight schedule and challenging logistics, had put a lot of pressure on them.

Laroussi confirmed that despite all the delays, the team tackled the challenges and successfully accomplished all the milestones in the stated time. For the record, the construction on the terminal began in November 2016 and the first permanent pile was concluded by the end of May 2017. All permanent works were finished in a time span of 14 months, with a sum of three million man-hours and zero lost time incidents, Yasser Laroussi further affirmed in a statement.