Siemens Government Technologies (SGT), Inc., in its recent announcements has unveiled that under the Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs) it has received two contract awards separately for the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville – a chief element of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

According to reports, Siemens will further enhance infrastructure and improve readiness, by building energy efficiency programs that it has already executed at the Army’s leading rotary wing repair facility located in Corpus Christi, Texas, and also at its tank plant near Lima, Ohio, in under USD 26.8 million and USD 34 million awards, respectively.

If sources are to be believed, CCAD’s (Corpus Christi Army Depot) trained personnel will perform the maintenance work and the essential readiness for the Army’s rotary wing fleet each day. They further claim that one of the important tools to bank are is the blade balancing test stands to achieve the phenomenon of dynamic balancing of the rotor blades, enabling flight within the Army’s fleet of helicopters (Black Hawk).

Siemens Government Technologies will be seen leading a revamping program on the blade balance stand, which in turn will improve the current system uptime and reliability and also enhance the safety parameters for the personnel required to perform the balancing in the area around.

Lima, the Army’s Joint Systems Manufacturing facility, for the record, is well-known for its manufacturing of the M1 Abrams tank and encompasses a footprint of 1.6 million sq.ft and 40 buildings. Incorporation of the smart infrastructure technology applications from Siemen’s division of Building Technologies, reports cite that the energy efficiency upgrades includes the elimination of using coal for heating and lighting, in turn allowing for energy efficient equipment control operation, longer lifespan, and decreased maintenance.

It has been reported that the new contract phase will amplify the efforts even further, given the improvements in building incorporation of Siemens’ Energy Management division technologies for enhanced reliability & readiness.