German technology conglomerate Siemens has reportedly commenced construction of its new energy service and training center at Bolivia. As per trusted sources, the new center is part of the commitment from Siemens to enhance electricity access across the South American nation.

Reportedly, the center is slated to provide specialized high-tech digital and traditional services of Siemens to energy consumers in Bolivia and South America. Sources familiar with the development state that the facility would further function as a hub for servicing power equipment installed across the continent.

The new center is located at the Parque Industrial Latinoamericano (PILAT) in the city of Warnes and spread across 9,200 square meters of land space.

Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Power Generation Services, Tim Holt was reportedly quoted stating that a reliable and sustainable power supply is crucial to foster economic prosperity in Bolivia. With its state-of-art monitoring and advanced digital operations, the new service center would meet the increasing demand for energy and serve as a catalyst for optimizing and maintaining performance at power plants across Bolivia and throughout South America, Holt further added.

According to a press release issued by the company, it is investing more than USD 23 million and is anticipated to employ almost 130 individuals. Reportedly, the power generation facilities spread across Bolivia could be monitored remotely by utilizing the Fleet Center Solutions of the company. Based on the real-time insights into the operational conditions of the fleet, the advanced data analytics shall make recommendations for enhanced performance to assist in extending the operational lifetime of the power generation facilities.

As a part of the agreement signed between the Energy Ministry of Bolivia and Siemens, the company would provide its power generation technology to three combined cycle power facilities in Bolivia, namely Termoeléctrica Entre Ríos, Termoeléctrica de Warnes, and Termoeléctrica del Sur.