The facility will specialize in superior quality electronic chemicals used in the manufacturing of PCBs.

South Korea’s leading PCB maker, Orchem Co., Ltd. has recently announced plans to invest $50 million to establish its China headquarters in CND (Changzhou National Hi-tech District). According to sources, the facility will specialize in superior quality electronic chemicals used in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards (PCB) through the deployment of innovative technologies and processes as well as state-of-the-art management approaches in a move to cater to the needs of Chinese customers.

For the record, Orchem, with the highest market share in South Korea, is among the world’s most well-established firms and its clients include Samsung, Korea Circuit, SimmTech, LG, and Foxconn.

Commenting on the move, Ding Chun, Changzhou Mayor, Jiangsu province, China, said that the government departments at all levels are working together to create a promising business environment that supports business growth. He said that selecting Changzhou, as its strategic location, was a wise step for Orchem.

Sources suggest that Changzhou, as a project partner, will deliver Orchem with one of the most promising business environments in Asia and will provide the best support for the company’s expansion in China.

As per a statement, Lee Jae-Hyeon, President & CEO, Orchem, said that the company, since its foray in China, has always been at the forefront of new and emerging solution in the world of manufacturing. He said that the firm is delighted to have an opportunity to establish a manufacturing and research facility in Changzhou.

For the record, Changzhou is a key manufacturing hub in the Yangtze River Delta and an active contributor to China’s ongoing growth. The city continues to flourish in line with the expansion of the real economy and is achieving growing progress as it upgrades and adapts to meet the expectations of the evolving economic environment.